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I have only been in the one accident on my motorcycle which occurred while I was on my way to pick up some kids golf clubs for my older daughter’s birthday. I don’t play golf, but my wife does and all our kids enjoy going out to the local course with her. If they go in the early evening, they will collect lost golf balls. They tend to find the lost golf ball in the craziest places. Anyway, I was suppose to pick up these kid size golf clubs for Katie’s birthday the following week. All I can say is that I am glad the accident occurred on the way to the store and not once I had the box of clubs.

I ended up being hurt pretty bad. My leg had lacerations all along it and I has numerous other injuries as well. When it happened all I could think about was how I could not believe what was going on. The pain was horrible and I was barely able to stay conscious. It seemed like forever before help arrived. When they did there was a lot for them to do. There were 3 vehicles in the accident and every one of them had injured people. I was actually pretty lucky because it could have been so much worse.

The cause of the accident was a truck drifting over the center line into oncoming traffic. I was part of that oncoming traffic. It all happened so fast but I will describe what I remember of the event for you. When I noticed this truck drifting towards us I began to make an adjustment slowing down & trying to go to my right which was away from the truck. Unfortunately, the car in the lane directly to my left had the same idea. The problem was that car could not move fast enough to avoid the truck which hit them.

Once that happened the 2 vehicles were mangled together & out of control. Worse yet, they were heading straight for me. I took further evasive action in order to avoid the accident but I was unable to make the kind of adjustment that it would have taken to miss the accident because my motorcycle did not come with wings. When they hit me I went flying from my bike which went flying as well, just in a different direction luckily. I was wearing all of my protective gear so the injuries that I sustained were not nearly as bad as they could have been. The people in the other car & truck were wearing their seat belts. Better yet, nobody was driving at an excessive speed.

When all was said and done there were no fatalities. Even though several of us went to the hospital for minor injuries, none of us were hurt severely. That is a huge blessing. The man in the truck had worked all night and was falling asleep at the wheel. It was a terrible accident. My medical bills started to stack up and I was not able to work for some time. I am so happy that I had good insurance. I was able to take the time I needed to rest & recover. Nationwide motorcycle insurance ended up saving me a tremendous amount of time and energy. I sure was glad that I had it at that point in my life.