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Geico Motorcycle Insurance

I don’t know about you but I am so very tired of all of these Insurance companies telling me about how much money they are saving me. I see one of their commercials on TV every few minutes. Geico ads spout that mantra all of the time. No matter what TV station you watch or radio station you listen to you are sure to come across an insurance commercial. The worst part is that the customers are really the ones paying for those ads. Every time I see an ad from my own insurance company, it is like actually seeing my monthly insurance bill is get bigger. I mean why is it that I have to pay Geico thousands of dollars for insurance? Because when there is an accident and I report it, the insurance companies acts like I am no longer a customer but an enemy. Even after faithfully paying my bill every month why do their claims people treat you after a claim as if I am trying to cheat them?

I was in an accident not too long ago. I was on the way back from looking at cigar humidors and cabinets for my dad who is a cigar aficionado. You can buy humidors online, but I prefer to actually look at the thing I am buying, particularly when it comes to a humidor. If you are not familiar with a cigar humidor it is usually is a box that is designed to store and age cigars. Cigars need to be stored in an environment that has the optimal humidity range of 68 % to 72% at room temperature. Otherwise, cigars go bad and either dry out or get moldy. Some humidors are small for traveling purposes, while others can be as large s a walk in closet. I was looking for a humidor that would work with the rest of the furniture in my fathers living room. Nest I wanted to make sure the seal was solid so the humidity would stay constant. It had to be large enough for all his cigars, but not so large it would stick out of place. The liner needed to be made from Spanish Cedar that has been kiln dried. and I wanted a hygrometer to measure the humidity level inside the box. Well, I did find the humidor and bought it for my father. Thank goodness I had the store ship it to him so it wasn’t in the car when I had my accident.

The accident and its aftermath was one of the worst experiences of my life. First let me explain, I was not injured and neither was anyone else in the accident too much. Fortunately it was not a truck accident – I was with my brother when his car was totaled by a faulty load on a semi on a highway just outside Houston. He was slightly injured – enough so that his truck accident lawyer was able to extract a decent settlement from the trucking company. This was in Texas, and his lawyer was one of the most respected lawyers online – check out their TX truck accident lawyer site if you ever need an aggressive legal team to fight for your rights. My accident was much less dramatic and the most pain was in dealing with my insurance provider.

I did however need to put my car in the shop & get a rental car. This should have been no problem but instead of standing by me when I needed them they seemed to alienate me a little bit. First they did not want to authorize all of the work that the mechanic said was necessary. I looked at the work needed with the mechanic and adjuster. The work was needed, but the adjuster tried to underbid the job. I had to go over his head to pull some strings. Eventually I got the entire quote paid for, less the deductible, of course. You would think that after this struggle and small victory that Geico would be a bit more gracious but what happened next amazed me.

When I got my car back it was in great shape. The mechanic really did a good job and it looked just like new. When I got my next bill from my insurance company I noted a large increase in my monthly bill. I contacted the insurance company and discussed this in length. They told me that my rates were going up because of the accident. It was regular protocol. I explained that I had been with them for 20 years with no accident claim and the total I paid them over those 20 years outweighed the small body shop fee they were helping me with now. I explained they were risking a loyal customer. The person I spoke proceeded to explain that their policy was the same for anyone and I would have to just accept it, if I were to stay with them. They really need to change the way they treat their customers – with more respect and less contempt. I’m looking for new motorcycle insurance.