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I have been driving for years. My dad taught me how to drive when I was 15 in an old truck. It was all rusted out & did not look very pretty but it worked like none other. I used to get to drive it around the farm & when we had to go to the dump I would get to drive. I lived out in the country in Oregon. My closest neighbors were about a mile away & there was no regularly scheduled garbage pick up for us way out there. The only way we were able to get rid of our garbage was to compost some, burn some & drive some out to the dump. I always liked it when we had to go to the dump because I would get to drive.

I never had to worry about insurance at that point. It was not until much later that I came to realize the truth about car insurance. It was when I got my own car a few years later that I started to realize what it meant to have one. I had to get a job to pay for my first car & the insurance went right along with that. My folks were not about to let me get a car without insurance. Matter of fact my dad made me park my first car for 3 days until I could afford the insurance on it. I did not understand but I do now. Insurance is very important but it is so very expensive as well. No matter how you look at it Insurance sucks. You have to pay into it every single month & the best case scenario is that nothing ever happens to you & all of that money is just wasted. That is ridiculous. but what can you do, right?

I will tell you what you can do. You can do the same thing that I am doing & that is not standing for this insanity anymore. After years of insuring a car at ungodly rates I learned a little secret. Not only does a motorcycle get way better gas mileage & not cost nearly as much to maintain but the insurance on it is next to nothing. Seriously, you can insure a motorcycle for a whole year at the same price as you can insure a car for 1 month. Maybe it is because a bike can not do anywhere near as much damage to property if you wreck it. Whatever the reason there is no way around it. Owning a bike is so much more cost efficient than a car or truck that it can no longer go un-noticed. I suggest you join me & save with Farmers motorcycle insurance now!