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All State Motorcycle Insurance

Let me tell you something. I used to have All State Motorcycle Insurance but I had to let them go for another. I will tell you why in just a minute but first let me explain that they did several things right while I was with them and I don’t think that they are a bad company. It is just that sometimes there are better situations around the corner and you just can’t help giving them a shot. Maybe I should back it up just a little bit. I like to take rides on my motorcycle at night. I have a car but I leave it at home both to save the gas but more importantly because I am able to clear my head and just enjoy the ride. It is always nice especially after a long, hard day. I have been known to take off in any direction and it is rarely a planned event. My bike gets good mileage, so I can go just about anywhere on it.

In the last 6 months or so I have been feeling a it run down and a bit cranky. I’m hitting my mid fifties and figured I was just getting older and less energy comes with the territory. Not true. A friend told me about the Cenegenics method of approaching aging. It’s a pretty widely recognized name in the health management marketplace. Its “anti-aging” program emphasizes healthy aging with an emphasis on a proactive approach to a total body. Cenegenics claims that its protocol will help you look better, live longer and be more productive and boy are they right. They are a bit costly since the regular health insurance companies consider their treatments to be “elective.” But the results for me were tremendous. My personal regiment resulted in increased muscle tone, as well as physical and sexual vitality, and no more fatigue. I felt 15 years younger.

So last month I was back out on one of my spontaneous road trips. I was having a good time and enjoying the open road but there was trouble brewing. I got onto this long stretch of highway and I was trying to get to the beach for a weekend getaway. I was sure I had enough gas to get all the way there but it turns out I did not. It was not even close. I ended up running out while I was outside of town in the middle of nowhere. Under normal circumstances this should have been no problem but these were no normal circumstances. When I pulled my phone out of my pocket I realized that there was no juice left in it. I had a phone with no power, what good would that do me? I was there for at least an hour waiting for someone to pull over and help me. When someone did it was a really nice family who had a cell phone that I could borrow. When I called All State they said they would have the roadside assistance guy out to me in about 45 minutes. I should have figured they were wrong. It took 3 hours before they arrived. I had to put 2 more calls in and that is no laughing matter when you have no cell to work with. When they arrived with the gas they charged me over $5.00 a gallon for it.

I was outraged. I called my insurance agent and went over some of my coverage. It turned out that I was not as covered as I previously thought. There were some pretty obvious gaps in coverage. As soon as I got a chance I started looking around and comparing coverage with other companies, which resulted in new insurance coverage. Thank goodness my mental health was in such a better state than it had been 6 months ago. Sure I had gotten mad, but I was able to handle the situation so much better.