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Let’s take just a moment to talk about a very important topic. I know this may not be the most glamorous thing to discuss but it is important none the less. There are a lot of cars & trucks on the road at any given time. Most of them are being driven by perfectly fine people who are just going on about their lives. They are coming from or going to their work or their home. In this fast paced world you can bet that every one of them has something on their mind in addition to the task at hand, driving. The usually put forth enough effort to stay on the road most of the time but that is it. You can look around the road the next time you are on it. You will end up agreeing with me. There are people who are texting or talking on their phone. There are people doing their makeup. There are people doing an assortment of all sorts of things in addition to driving their car. It is hard to understand why, given what we now know about it effecting your ability to drive people still get in their car after they are out drinking all night. It is uncalled for and it has to stop.

These foolish risk takers are probably the same people who end up buying online kits to screen for stds at home because they were drunk and had unprotected sex. Fortunately for them they now don’t have to go to their primary doctor or a clinic to get tested and have the results show up in their medical records. It would be better if the US got over its hangups and allow the personal STD testing kits to be sold at the local drugstore, just like pregnancy test kits are. Well, until that time, these bozos can buy their STD home testing kit on the web and find out if their stupid behavior impacted their health. My one problem with the at home testing is if the test is positive, will these same bozos then notify their sex partners as well as go to their doctor for treatment?

I drive a motorcycle and everyday I risk my life by driving on the same road as these people. As if it were not enough to have do deal with all of the distracted drivers that everyone else has to worry about I get the added stress of people who just, for one reason or another, do not seem to see me at all. You see these people are in a class all their own. They are not intoxicated. They are not distracted. There is no real reason for them to try running me off of the road other than “they didn’t see me”. What does that mean, exactly? Did they look in my direction but for some reason their subconscious refused to acknowledge my presence in that space? Did they look in my direction but not pay close enough attention to their surroundings, thereby dismissing my location & doing what they wanted without concern? I don’t understand why I see on the news almost everyday that another person on a motorcycle was run over, or off of the road.

I had something like this happen to me once. Somebody changed lanes, out of the blue, into the lane I was already in. Of course, in order to save my life I took last minute steps to avoid the wreck but it was too late and the guy hit me. Thank goodness for AIG who took care of me without any hassle at all.